Project Description



I Casi are born in 2013 in Milan as a tribute to Gerry Mulligan and Chet Baker’s pianoless formation. The project soon becomes something different as all four members of the group follow their need to propose and play their original compositions. In the next couple of years the quartet has the chance to perform and grow inside the Italian music field presenting two albums that will allow them to win the first edition of the Maletto Prize, in 2015.

Casi is the Italian translation of a Daniil Charms’ collection of visionary short tales. Apparently not connected one to the other, all scripts still describe a concrete reality as parts of a commune, absurde and complex scenario.

Clunk, one of the titles included in Casi and the band’s third album, is the result of a collective research that aims to enhace and personalize all multiple styles that have influnced the band’s members. 13 tracks that, touching different musical genres, oganically collect the eclethic tastes and directions of their composers, transforming more classical jazz sperimentations into what intentionally appears less articulated but is still, definately, original.