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How to get to Festivalle

Address: Temple of Giunone, Via Panorama Valley of the temples, 92100 Agrigento AG

By bus: Line 2,-TUA (urban transport Agrigento)
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Address: Via Panoramica de Templi, 92100 Agrigento AG

Address: Oceanomare, Viale delle Dune, 92100 San Leone AG

By bus: Line 2, line 2/-TUA (urban transport Agrigento)
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Night Shuttle Service

We have activated a night shuttle service (on reservation obligatory after sending request via special form) that will link the places of the Festivalle (Valley of the temples) to the beach of San Leone (Lido Oceanomare where the Electro Festival is held).
So before you ask why doesn't the airport exist? Why not reopen the underground hypogea of ancient Akragas?
If you do not have a car, if you have it but you do not want to drive, if you thought it was difficult to reach
Without bus or metro, now you have no more excuses and we are waiting for you at Festivalle!

Do you know someone who might need this service? Craft!
Attention: The seats are limited and will be communicated later times and details.

Below are the routes and intermediate stops:
Forward Stroke-Friday 09 August 2019
Juno Temple–> Electrofestivalle, San Leone (approx. 10 minutes)
1) Departure hours 23:30
2) Departure hours 00:00
3) Departure hours 00:30

Forward Travel-Saturday 10 August 2019
Kolymbethra Garden–> Electrofestivalle, San Leone (approx. 10 minutes)
1) Departure hours 23:30
2) Departure hours 00:00
3) Departure hours 00:30

Return Stroke: Valid for 09 and 10 August
Electrofestivalle, San Leone–> Central station Agrigento (via Vill. Moses)
1) Departure hours 02:00
2) Departure hours 02:45
3) Departure hours 03:30
4) Departure hours 04:15
Stop at: Tropical Bar, Grand Hotel Moses, Valley of the temples entrance temple of Juno, station Agrigento Central

How to get to AGRIGENTO

By bus

There are regular connections between the main cities of Sicily and Agrigento. The routes are managed by different companies so you have to check the timetables with the carriers case by case. There is also a bus service that regularly connects Agrigento with Rome, Naples and Salerno.

By train

Agrigento is connected to Palermo and Caltanissetta (from where the line branches off to Catania-Siracusa, Messina and the mainland).
The central station is located in the city centre.

Agrigento can be reached via flights to: The Falcone Borsellino Airport in Palermo,
The airport Fontanarossa in Catania or the airport Vincenzo Florio in Trapani.
From the airports you need to travel by bus or car. It takes about two hours to get to Agrigento.

Bus line CATANIA Airport – AGRIGENTO

Bus line PALERMO Airport – AGRIGENTO:

  • Sal Tel. 0922.401360