Project Description

08 August 7pm – Kolymbethra Garden – Unconventional Night

Although his career in jazz began in New Orleans and his musical education is rooted in blues, rock and modern jazz, in the last decade, Italian guitarist and composer Dario Napoli has built an international reputation in the world of jazz handuche. He presented his Modern Manouche project at some of the world’s most renowned festivals, both traditional jazz and the niche of the tradition of Django Reinhardt (Django Amsterdam, Liverpool Philarmonic, Djangofolllies, Django in June, Cully Jazz Fest, Pisa Jazz, to name a few).
Dario’s 4th album will be released in November 2019, based on his style, which in the words of Francis Couvreaux of Django Station, “Dario combines sound, elegance, virtuosity without excess embossed and fun playing”.

Although Dario has shared the stage with all the giants of the genre, from Stochelo Rosenberg to Robin Nolan, the greatest emotion comes from the performance of his compositions in his Modern Manouche Project which sees the electric bass Tonino De Sensi and Tommaso Papini at the rhythm guitar. Blending tradition with modern sounds and arrangements and trying to balance virtuosic performance with original melody and composition are the main elements of Dario’s music, just as it was for Django Reinhardt in his era.

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