Project Description

Conciorto 🇮🇹 08 August @ Kolymbethra

The Conciorto is a musical project by Biagio Bagini and Gian Luigi Carlone (banda Osiris)
Combining technology and nature, in fact, through the electronic card Ototo (Arduino based)
And thanks to the water present in the vegetables, the vegetables themselves become musical instruments,
They can emit sounds (as conductors of electricity) forming a real
Keyboard of vegetables, in addition to guitar, sax and flute.

But the Conciorto is not only vegetables that sound and create amazement, it is original songs
That talk about the relationship between man and nature,
Tales of imaginary gardens that belonged to musicians (David Byrne, Damon Albarn, Thom Yorke)
Directors (François Truffaut), is theatre and movement, poetry and entertainment,
It creates wonder and enchants the audience of all ages.
Run across the peninsula, in Switzerland, Wales, England and Portugal,
The Conciorto has produced two albums, a book and numerous music videos
That talk about nature and music.