Project Description

Swinging Mind-Concert Seminar
A journey between neuroplasticity, language and neuroscience.

08 August 19 Hours @ Kolymbethra Unconventional Night

Music embraces the universe of neuroscience in every dimension: sensations, memory, emotions and consciousness are transformed into the mind of the listener and the one who plays, integrating in a single essence perception and action. We will listen to the swing of the ancient duet between music and Mind, which from the monochord of Pythagoras to the works of Ellington, accompanies us for centuries through a single wave.


Kumiko Imakyurei (JP) & Nicolas Carrè (FR)

Kumiko Imakyurei (今給黎 久美子), Bass
Based in Tokyo, Kumiko has travelled through Europe and joined many jam sessions in order to absorb the culture of ‘ jazz Manouche ‘. She has been sharing this knowledge by organizing jam sessions and workshops in Japan. She was recently invited to one of the largest gipsy jazz festivals in Asia (Taipei Gipsy Jazz Festival) to perform with players such as Tcha Limberger, Antoine Boyer, Sébastien Giniaux, Denis Chang, and Christiaan van Hemert.

Nicolas Carré, Rhythm Guitar

Born in France in 1980, Nicolas discovered Django in his twenties, and since then dedicated himself to the music of the master. He studied under the master rhythm player Rémi Oswald. Currently one of the very few players in Japan specializing in rhythm playing, he has performed and recorded with many formations in the Archipel.

Arturo Nuara (pianist and neurologist)

Arturo Nuara was born in Agrigento in 1986. In 2010 he graduated in medicine and surgery at the San Raffaele life-Health University with a thesis on experimental neurophysiology regarding the processes of sensory-motor resonance in pianists. The same year, under the guidance of Franco D’Andrea, he obtained a three-year diploma in Jazz piano at the civic jazz courses of the International Academy of Music in Milan. In 2016 he specializes in neurophysiopathology. He currently conducts neuroscientific research at the University of Parma, studying the mechanisms of sensory-motor integration and their application in learning and neurorabilitation. Among his fields of scientific interest is the study of the link between neuroscience and music, on which he has made scientific publications and reports to international congresses.

Tazio Forte (pianist, accordionist)

Tazio Forte, Vigevanese, graduated with honors at the Conservatorio Guido Cantelli in Novara under the guidance of the Masters Vincenzo Cerutti, Walter Bozzia and Ettore Borri, attends masterclasses of internationally renowned artists, such as the Cuban Leonel Morales, Donna Coleman, Australian, the Uruguayan Miguel Lecueder Canabarro, the Russian Oleg Marshev, and the Argentine aquiles of the vines, taking part in the final concerts of these courses. He also participates in music workshops held by well-known Italian jazz musicians _ the trumpeter Paolo Fresu and the pianist Danilo Rea_presso the festival “Roccella Jazz 2002”, and takes part in the seminar of chamber music _ at the same festival _ the famous Mario Brunello, Italian cellist.
He performs regular concert activities, often being invited to perform concerts dedicated to the Spanish piano repertoire and French of the twentieth century at the F. Lli Olivieri Auditorium in Novara. In May 2008 he obtained the first prize in the Piano Competition ‘ ‘ Città di Pesaro ‘ ‘ playing “Gaspard de la nuit” by Maurice Ravel, and in the following concert seasons he performed as soloist at several concert halls in Italy _ reduced theatre Regio di Torino, Teatro Comunale di Todi, municipal of Gorizia, Teatro Cagnoni di Vigevano, Auditorium of Gambolo, auditorium of Pray Biellese, Castello Sforzesco of Vigevano and abroad _sala Dell’ateneo in Madrid, auditorium de la Caja Rural in Granada, the auditorium of the Institute of America of Santa Fe, island of Samois sur Seine on the centenary of the death of the legendary guitarist Django Reinhardt _.
Always fascinated by the countless rhythmic and melodic influences present in the most refined Italian singer-songwriter, from a decade pays homage to the history of the same with a musical show together with the Swingin Vinaccia Ensemble, musical training Composed of jazz trio, trumpet guitar and male voice. He regularly plays excerpts from the jazz repertoire of the Swing era in formations ranging from duo to Octet, collaborating with saxophonists, accordionists, violinists, double basses, guitarists and singers. In addition to musical training he has a good knowledge of the work of stage technician, having attended courses by audio technician, machinist and electrician of theatre; He collaborated with several audio and lighting services, and from 2002 with various ensembles and soloists for the production of self-produced recordings.
Fond of woodworking, from 2008 he elaborates on self-educationically manual and mechanical machining techniques.